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Walks and Farm Activities

  • Cocoa Trail: complete organic cocoa production follow up, from the harvest to fermentation, drying, selection, until final degustation of our farm grown chocolate;
  • Walks in the Cocoa Trail, with Lake diving;
  • Kayak excursion on the Rio Capitão river;
  • Sunset gazing on the deck;
  • Medicinal Herbs Garden Tour;
  • Homemade chocolate and “cocada” preparation;
  • Bird watching.

Cocoa Trail Cocoa Lake Figueira Pedra’s waterfall Pancada Grande Waterfall Kayak excursion Sunset from the deck Medicinal Herbs Homemade chocolate Fogueira e viola

Activities in the surroundings

Pedra do Sabiá is located in a beautiful region, surrounded by luscious forest panoramas, stunning beaches, waterfalls and rivers.

These are some tours we offer:

  • Beaches of Itacaré, Serra Grande, Barra Grande and Piracanga;
  • Pancada Grande Waterfall hike;
  • Rafting in Taboquinhas;
  • Conduru Park;
  • Waldorff School in Serra Grande;
  • “Quilombola” communities along river banks;
  • Nearby local communities and eco-villages.