We welcome volunteers who are genuinely interested in sharing our family goals, taking part of our daily work and routine and who also want to add something positive during their stay.

We aim to become a sustainable place, living in harmony with natural cycles, producing high quality foods, leading a conscious and simple lifestyle. It is therefore important that the volunteer agree on these points and is open to walk this path.

Here work is seen as a form of participation in community life and should not be stressing.

We suggest the following activities:

• Help in the kitchen;

• Cleaning;

• Help with tourists and art projects.

In addition to the activities above, we also welcome volunteers that are:

• Therapists, masseuses, yoga teachers, etc… who can contribute to the holistic center;

• Educators/artists who are open to offer lessons and workshops to the children of Rosa dos Ventos school (located at the farm’s main entrance and serving the children from the local area);

• People with expertise in bio-construction, gardening and agroforestry.

In addition to the activities suggested here, we are always open to the offerings and personal interests of the volunteer that can integrate and collaborate to improve the various areas of Pedra do Sabiá.

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We offer full access to all our farm facilities (hikes, lagoon diving, shared activities and kayaking trips) and we ask volunteers a daily contribution of 25 reais.

Length of stay: The volunteer must come for a minimum period of one month. After this period, their permanence on the farm would be evaluated by the family members according to the fruits of their personal contribution. We can only receive a limited number of volunteers, so we kindly ask you to make your application well in advance.

Food and Accommodation: Single or double bed with shared bathroom. Three vegetarian meals per day.

Hours of Work: Usually 4 until 5 hours per day, 6 days a week plus a free day.

Minimum age: 23 years old.

It is important that the volunteer:

  • is open for targeted work but – at the same time  – leaves room for other opportunities to arise;
  • is seriously looking for a deeper connection with him/herself and with life;
  • is open minded, flexible and able to adapt to a different culture;
  • is open to group work and to communal living;
  • is responsible, organized and has personal initiative;
  • is in good health and active.


  • Pedra do Sabiá is a healthy, drug free and sober retreat center;
  • We speak mainly portuguese, but also english, french and spanish.

How to apply:

To apply to volunteer with us, please send us a message here or email us at with the following information:

  • Personal data (name, age, nationality);
  • Your talents / personal interests;
  • When you would like to come and for how long;
  • A brief statement explaining why you want to volunteer at Pedra do Sabiá and what your expectations are.

We will do our best to welcome you and make your stay here the best it can be!

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