Walks and Farm Activities

  • Cocoa Trail: complete organic cocoa production follow up, from the harvest to fermentation, drying, selection, until final degustation of our farm grown chocolate;
  • Walks in the Cocoa Trail, with Lake diving;
  • Kayak excursion on the Rio Capitão river;
  • Sunset gazing on the deck;
  • Medicinal Herbs Garden Tour;
  • Homemade chocolate and “cocada” preparation;
  • Bird watching.

Trilha do Cacau Colheita do Cacau Lagoa para banho Figueira Cachoeira da Pedra Cachoeira da Pancada Grande Passeio de caiaque Pôr do sol do deck Plantas Medicinais Chocolate Caseiro Fogueira e viola


Activities in the surroundings

Pedra do Sabiá is located in a beautiful region, surrounded by luscious forest panoramas, stunning beaches, waterfalls and rivers.

These are some tours we offer:

  • Beaches of Itacaré, Serra Grande, Barra Grande and Piracanga;
  • Pancada Grande Waterfall hike;
  • Rafting in Taboquinhas;
  • Conduru Park;
  • Waldorff School in Serra Grande;
  • “Quilombola” communities along river banks;
  • Nearby local communities and eco-villages.

Consult us and go to www.itacaré.com

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