Embracing your Inner Child

Embracing your Inner Child

InnerChildThe Love that Heals – Embracing your Inner Child

With Laura Maria and Martin Pigni

11th to 15th of September 2015

There is no wound, no matter how deep, that Love cannot heal. When you invite Love in, Love comes and fills up all the places inside of you that are in pain, just like Light fills up a dark room, when you light up a candle.

Your own healing – the journey of your own return to your essence – only truly begins when you choose the intent to learn to love yourself and others. Making this choice opens your heart, allows Divine Love in and awakens your loving adult self in you.

The Love that Heals – Embracing your Inner Child is the beginning of a hero’s adventure – the journey into your own world of emotions, wounds and memories, healing them and letting your true Being shine through again.

It is an opportunity to meet the child inside of you, to know the loving Adult that you are and to connect with the Spiritual guidance and love that is always available to you. You will come back to your childhood, learn how to deal with your own emotions, start listening to your body wisdom again, practice healing touch, clean old and painful memories, open your heart and connect with the Divine Love within.

A 5-days dive into yourself, to reconnect with the goodness and purity that is already in you!

Laura Maria comes from Romania and has been working with the inner child-healing, aura reading therapy and awakening of the sacred feminine for the past 5 years. She is supporting the healing work with grace, love and deep compassion, as a fully dedicated Christ Consciousness servant. 

Martin Pigni is Argentine and works with intuitive massage, vibrational therapy and conscious body movement. Martin unites sound with touch and movement, entering with presence, love and deep compassion into deep levels of energy blockages, helping to undo them.

Languages: Portuguese & English

More information about the course: Laura Maria | lauraauracampean@gmail.com


R$850,00 per person


– This price is for double or triple room. Contact us in case you wish to be in a single room;

– Payment can be divided in 2x. For that, please deposit the first parcel in our bank account and bring pre-dated cheque of the other one;

– To confirm your registration, send us the receipt of the first parcel or the full value;

– Cost of the course covers food, accommodationand all the classes and activities of the workshop;

– Getting to Pedra do Sabiá and individual therapies are not included;

– Program schedule and fares are subject to change.

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How to arrive (possibility of arrival through the Rio de Contas river by boat  or canoe)

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