Basic Taoist Inner Alchemy Course

Basic Taoist Inner Alchemy Course

oTaoBasic Taoist Inner Alchemy Course

with Susana Rito ( website OTAO ) – Certified Instructor by The Universal Healing Tao School of Master Mantak Chia

By doing simple Chi Kung exercises we can undo blockages and stimulate the Chi flow through the body’s meridians. When the body is relaxed and energized, we connect more easily to ourselves and open to the true Inner Alchemy.

The Inner Smile and the Six Healing Sounds are powerful meditation techniques that teach us to connect to our internal organs, transforming tension and negative emotions into Virtues.

The ultimate goal of this course is the opening of the Microcosmic Orbit. The Orbit is composed by two of the most important body’s meridians, the Conception and Governor vessels. These two interconnect the entire energy system of the body. We will learn how to circulate Chi through these routes and create a continuous flow, a regular orbit that balances our body and harmonize us with Nature and with the Universe.

Course Contents:
Inner Smile; Six Healing Sounds
Cosmic Chi Kung
Initiation Iron Shirt Chi Kung
(Embracing the Tree and Golden Turtle)
Activating the Three Fires
Opening the Three Tan Tiens in the Six Directions
Microcosmic Orbit
Chi self massage

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