TAO Feminine

TAO Feminine


TAO Feminine

with Susana Rito ( website OTAO ) – Certified Instructor by The Universal Healing Tao School of Master Mantak Chia

Through the ancient principles of the Yin and Yang and of the Taoist Way, I invite women of all ages to join in for an Inner Journey.

Using physical, spiritual and emotional resources, we will explore new possibilities within the feminine nature and discover the treasures of its essence.

Techniques and exercises will be proposed so that we can rediscover the female body and develop the enormous healing potential we have. Finally, we surrender to the deepest and quietest point of our Being, where the Yin roots, and access its unlimited strength, wisdom and light.

Course Contents:
Inner Smile
Six Healing Sounds
Microcosmic Orbit
Tao Yin (Tao Yoga)
Awakening the Cauldron
Accessing the Elixir of Life
Transforming sexual energy into Chi
(nourishing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies)
Breast Massage
Ovarian Breathing
Jade’s Flower
Chi Nei Tsang self massage
(Abdominal Massage)

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